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Loïs Saublet’s Master thesis

Slides of the defence and the thesis report

Kofi Manful’s Master thesis

Slides of the defence and Master thesis

Meeting the « direction de la prospective et de la recherche de la Poste »

Le 24 septembre 2015.

Pictures of the test study

Two pictures of our colleagues : Fabrive Le Guel, Nicolas Soulié, Jean-Étienne Carlotti, Matthieu Manant defining their needs through  a card game that Petra designed Two pictures of the outcome : classifications, and wishes for new features. Actually, they did  play the serious game

Test study of the platform

yesterday our economists came to INRIA (five of them ! Fabrice Le Guel, Matthieu Manant, Grazia Cecere, Nicolas Soulié and Jean-Ëtienne Carlotti). We demoed the platform and Petra Isenberg made them work on users stories, playing with cards and feature wishes.

Présentation APVP 2015

Benjamin m’a proposé de parler de Bitcoin à  APVP2015. Les planches de ma présentation (orientée juristes), sont ici.

Présentation orientée juridique

mercredi 10 avril: discussion de la notion de hachage, démo,  ett  usages divers (le couteau suisse de la crypto), explicitation complère de la notion de blockchain et de preuve te travail.

Two Master interns

We welcome Kofi Manful and Loïs Saublet to start thinking and working in Aviz team, who arrive in the beginning of the week. They will to understand bitcoin, think about it, download and manage date, and provide a useful way of visualizing and interacting with it.

Réunion du 29 janvier 2015

Internal technical meeting Discussion on short terms objectives Discussion on software tools

Réunion du 27 janvier 2015

Participants: Matthieu Manant, Nicolas Soulié, Grazia Cecere, Fabrice Le Guel, Bulats Sanditov, Jean-Étienne Carlotti, Konstantin Petrov, David Lucas, Thomas Sibut-Pinote, Daniel Augot, Tobias Isenberg Essentiellement, rencontre entre « AVIZ » et le laboratoire RITM.